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Why not take the worry out of that upcoming event by hiring a professional mobile dj or karaoke host, we offer huge discounts on all shows booked well in advance, so make sure to plan ahead or maybe  even sign in as a member, we would love to have you, (Reviews) can be viewed in the guestbook or recent blog entries.


                 Let us entertain you

A live person is waiting to process your request,simply phone us at the numbers above or go directly to the contact us link at the top of the page and we will return your call promptly,With our friendly,hassle free service there is no end to what we can offer,just tell us exactly what you want and we do it,its as simple as that.

                           Our target
Here at Djs Downunder we aim to please by providing top quality shows at affordable prices, we pride ourselves on our manner,dress and attention to detail, whilst maintaining a fine balance to any given situation,boasting a massive song list and album portfolio we aim to fill any given songlist presented to us+up to date top 40 played through only the best brand names in video audio setups,Djs Downunder offers great value for money,so feel free to browse the site & hope to see you soon.
                            Crying in the chapel
When you say i do, you may leave your guests crying in the chapel but rest assured they will be all smiles at the reception,choose all your favorite tracks or just sit back and let us do our thing,premium dj,mc,suit and tie available on request with careful consideration towards requests for special dances,timing of those dances,announcements and speeches,a big congratulations from us to you and whatever your choice we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.
                   Karaoke anyone!                             
 If its a party,why not make it a karaoke party,Djs Downunder offers one of the best shows in town,let us start while your guests finish,with a huge songlist to choose from,watch as your friends become starz for a night.Complimentary meat trays will be supplied on the night to local venues free of charge thanks to our sponsor.

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